Black Pixel Media is a passionate, innovative marketing group driven by new technology and youth trends. We allow our clients to expand their reach and elevate their profile through social media, customized apps and addictive games used by tens of thousands of people throughout the United States, Europe, and around the world.

Mobile App Development

Our team creates mobile applications that communicate key messages and help accomplish a brand's digital marketing goals. To maintain consistency, we craft a mobile app experience with a common layout and structure that is accessible on both iPhone and Android devices. Designed and developed for all mobile screen dimensions, this app is streamlined to provide the information and functionality most relevant to users on-the-go.With even more mobile devices in the marketplace, including smartwatches and eyewear, brands will have even more opportunities to connect with customers.

Social Media

Our team understands word of mouth is the most powerful tool on social media. Identifying industry influencers and developing a relationship with them can really boost a business from the bottom up. Well-known influencers, celebrities, bloggers and well-respected companies are the first place to start as they will usually have a loyal following themselves. Posting interesting content across social channels (particularly Facebook and Instagram) will ‘reward’ your audience, keep them communicating with you, boost social shares and even help to grow your audience further.

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 App Development & Social Media

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